Saturday, May 7, 2011

Maggie Speaks: What??? I think they brought a new horse....

Chance testing out a special antique guitar he restored.
Sounds good!
Trish and Chance have been really busy the past few days.  Earlier this week, they drove to Bakersfield to give Dixie, Chance's dog to his mom to care for while we are on the PCT.  Dogs aren't allowed to go through some of the parks we will visit along the way.  It was really nice of Chance's mom to take Dixie.  We're all hoping they get along really well while we're gone.

Chance and his Mom
Well, today was a shocker.  Trish and Chance pulled up to the stable and I couldn't believe it.  They left without hardly looking at us!  And no grain or carrots for us either!!!  What????
A special guitar restored by Chance.
It was packed up and sent to a customer.
Chance has had a lot of work to do day and night getting ready to leave.

Later, they came back.  I was astounded.  Out of the trailer came a beautiful white horse.  A Spanish/Egyptian Arabian.  I was so stunned, I just stared.  Magic and Midnight stared too.  Trish turned him out in the big arena and he got to run around a lot.  He is really gorgeous when he gallops and he tosses his head around and looks like a movie star all the time.  Wow.  I can't wait to race him.
Chance's new horse.  Trish loves him already.
He is very well trained and does his side passes better than me.

Later, Trish finally brought us grain and told us that the white horse now belongs to Chance and will travel with us on the Colorado trail.  Well, I just hope he learns how to carry a pack pretty soon.  Looks aren't everything you know, and we don't want to do all the heavy lifting you know.

Chance and his new buddy have already got a special bond.

This is Pam.  She is the white horse's human.
This is Pam and her husband.  They are going to have a baby in July.
That's why she decided to sell her buddy, Akheil, the white horse.
She really loves him, so wanted him to go and have fun with us.
She is going to be so busy with her new baby.
All of us wish them all the best!
Chance leads Akheil to the trailer.  They got along right away.
They are going to have a lot of great adventures together....
Akheil nuzzles Chance.  I think it's love at first sight for both of them.

Tomorrow I get to meet up with him in the big arena.  Trish told me she would let us all get to know each other, one by one.  Then we might even go for a ride in Eaton Canyon together.

Trish and Chance haven't spend much time with us the past few days.  They have been really busy getting all of our supplies ready for the big trip on the PCT.  Chance has been working especially hard finishing up his business.  They had to buy feed, get clothes, order pack gear from Wyoming, and Kelly, Trish's niece, sent her old pack saddle from Colorado.  Most of the gear has come from REI.  The humans really like the REI camp bed, and they both have 3.5 loft with extra long and wide.  I would like to have one in my size...
Shopping for gear at REI in Huntington Beach
Paying for gear at REI.  They have great stuff, including a really nice Camp Bed.
Trish and Chance will be sleeping on the ground, and the Camp Bed is the bomb.
The most important thing is getting good rest on the trail.
They are lucky they have us horses to carry all the gear.
Los Angeles Friday afternoon traffic.
We will soon be leaving this all behind.
A pet cemetery in downtown Huntington Beach
I hope I get to have my ashes scattered in the Rocky Mountains instead,
but it's nice these people loved their animals so much.
Anyhow, they also bought warm gloves and merino wool long underwear and socks.  We are going to be in the high country and they don't like to be cold.  They are also planning food to take (they are planning a vegetarian menu) and tomorrow will spend the day shopping and packing cache supplies to be mailed to resupply points along the way.
Everything you can think of is for sale in Southern California.
Except horse packing equipment.
We ordered all our extra supplies from the Boardwalk in Laramie, WY
This was a nice four year old appaloosa that was for sale.
He was too young for such a long trip with us,
but he was very nice.

My bigger concern is who is going to bring my food?  It's too heavy to mail.  If any of you would like to help bring us supplies on the trail, please contact Trish by email at  Carrots and apples are most me anyway.  Magic and Midnight like Jolly Ranchers.

We have been eating and resting a lot here at Eaton Stables, because we will be out on the trail for a long long time pretty soon.  The Pacific Crest Trail goes all the way from Campo, near the Mexico Border, to Canada.  Almost 2700 miles....
This is my beautiful friend Donna.
I will really miss her when we leave and I hope she comes to visit me on the trail.
I hope you will too!

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  1. Such a beautiful horse! My horses are definitely my pride and joy. I get so excited when I get to see how happy they make other people. My family and I do a lot of hiking and camping with our horses, I can't wait til it is time to break out the horse packing equipment and head into the mountains!