Monday, April 23, 2012

Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach

Arrival at the Mounted Unit, San Francisco Police Department
Golden Gate Park

Mounted Unit Station 
Our officer gives us a tour of the Tack Room
Historic Memorabilia and Photos
Document some of the rich history of the Mounted Unit
Second oldest unit in the country (1874), after NYC (1872)
Officer Jeff Roth of the San Francisco Mounted Police.
Tour of the tack room.

"Courage is being scared to death
but saddling up anyway."
Somehow, I doubt these seasoned officers of the SFPD are ever scared to death,
but I'm sure they would saddle up anyway.

Touring the Stables
With Terri and Officer Jeff

Each horse in the Unit has his own blanket and plaque on his stall.

Everything neat and organized.

Desensitizing Obstacle Course
Police horses have to be "bomb proof".

One of the SFPD mounted unit horses.
Terry, a volunteer who helps care for the horses.

Officer Jeff tells me "there is a 27 year wait list" to get on the mounted patrol.

We were honored to be allowed to wear the "colors" of the Mounted Patrol.
We also were given "badges", and bought Sweatshirts with the logo of the Unit.
Midnight would make a good police horse, don't you think?

Midnight bows to Officer Jeff.

Classic barn of the Mounted Unit, SFPD

Fred Egan Memorial Police Stables

The old logo for the Golden Gate Stables

Separate from the Mounted Unit,
The Golden Gate Park Riding Stables is now out of business.
It was kind of sad to see it all boarded up.

An officer and his trusty steed return from duty.
Officer Roth told me he "smiles ever day" he comes to work.

This woman has led Therapeutic Riding in Golden Gate Park for many years.

"There's a lot of need.  People need us for therapy, and we need financial support to survive".

Terri and Midnight on one of the fabulous bridle trails in Golden Gate Park

The trail leads all the way to Ocean Beach!

Ready to hit the beach?

We were very popular....

Thousands of people on the beach on a nice warm Saturday.

We called ourselves honorary Mounted Patrol Members.

Lots of city kids got to pet the horses...

Moonlight is a great ambassador!

Well behaved kids....

Fun on the beach...

lets go!

Terri and Midnight "on Patrol"

One of the Dutch Windmills at the Western edge of Golden Gate Park

Another great bridle path in Golden Gate Park

Time for refreshments after a long day in the saddle.
Yelp said Durty Nelly's was the place to go.

Enter as strangers, leave as friends.

Terri is heading to Cork, Ireland, in May for work...

Irving Street, Sunset District, San Francisco

I have no idea what kind of business operates here.
Maybe cosmetics?  Maybe groceries?

Time to eat some yummy Thai Food!
Marnee Thai, Irving Street, San Francisco

Our delicious food.
We had the specials.  My favorite was the Green Mango with  Shrimp and Avocado.
Terri says "YUMMAY"
One of my favorite places in San Francisco
Used to be a huge Bath House right on the cliffs of Ocean Beach.
Now it's a famous restaurant recently upgraded.
Great stop for a sunset view.
Another glorious day fades from view....

Monday, April 16, 2012

Juice Fasting Classes and the Los Altos Hounds

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that my life has been dramatically changed by my practice of intermittent juice fasting.  I have shared that information with plenty of people over the past year, and am happy to celebrate the wonderful benefits with  hundreds of successful fasters who have lost weight, cleansed their bodies of toxins, and achieved new heights of health and vibrant living.

Recently I decided to formalize my "sharing" and two groups will attend my pilot programs this week.  My newly designed "Intro to Juice Fasting" classes will provide my students with an overview of a 21 day cleanse and revitalize intensive.  I will be tracking and documenting their successes and challenges here, but attendees will have access to personalized, private website that provides direct support to "Fasters only" on another blog.
Roman Riding in Woodside, CA

I want to thank Terri and Cathy for allowing me to post their fasting stories here.  Both of them completed the 21 day program, and achieved their weight loss goals for the fast.  They are looking and feeling great, and we will soon be posting photos and more about their achievements.  Both of them lost more than 10 pounds, and have been enjoying healthier food and eating in new ways ever since!  They are planning to attend the new program as my assistants and share their success stories.  I am so thankful for their help and enthusiasm.  They plan join for another fast with the new groups, and by the end of the next fast should be nearly at their goal weights for spring.  I am so happy for their success and accomplishments.  Check back often to see how they're doing!

In other developments, I am thrilled to tell you all that I have been invited to join the Los Altos Hunt Club for their spring wrap up to the 2011-12 season.  I am really looking forward to meeting and riding with the group on May 12th, 2012.  I hope to be allowed to join the ranks for the season which begins in October.  Check out their website here: - master and hounds.jpg

It's an old tradition I'm hoping to learn a lot more about....

Zakian celebrates his 21st birthday!

The Embarcadero of San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Bay Bridge in Background

Looking good at 21!

Long Boarding on the Pier - Oakland on the far shore

We spy the perfect place for celebrating in North Beach...

A stroll to Broadway and the Clubs

Happy Birthday Zakian!

Libations suitable to the occasion.
North Beach restaurant on Columbus, San Francisco

Mussels and Garlic Fries - decadent foods for a special day...

Strolling the streets of North Beach
Photo Bombed!

Awesome architecture in North Beach