Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Juice Fast and A Woman's Perogative

Beautiful Salad Prepared by Terri
Raw Foods for 3 days, then Juice Fasting

Terri and Cathy
Terri leases Midnight, Cathy leases Magic
We've banded together for a Detox Juice Fast
It's time for another Juice Fast.  This will be my first of 2012.  I am joined this time by Terri and Cathy, new good friends that are also leasing horses from me.  They help me out with paying for board and giving the horses exercise and love when I'm at work.  They are fast becoming dear friends.

We started with a 3 day Raw Food transition, and tomorrow, St. Paddy's Day, will be day 3 of juices only.  This is the first time I've done a fast at work.  So far, so good.  I've had to resist pizza, muffins, bags of salted caramels, thickly frosted carrot cake, and other delectables offered in the Stanford ER breakroom.  I would have eaten it all, but instead, I stuck to my fresh organic juices.  Mango, papaya, kale, tomato, spinach, basil, orange, grapefruit, celery, berries, apples, and carrots instead.

Delicious!  I feel lighter and brighter already.

Regarding my previous post :  I changed my mind.  I was all set to head to the head wrangler job in Wyoming, and then took a ride with Zak and my friend Sharon to the top of "Windy Hill" on Skyline Boulevard.  It had been raining and the day was brisk and breezy.  Oh, so beautiful!  The views as we climbed from Portola Valley up to Skyline were spectacular and refreshing.  It was muddy, but so green.  Moss covered oaks, rivers, and a small lake along the way, and then everything opened up and we could see almost all the way to San Francisco.

I realized that I'm not done here.  I feel drawn to stay longer, to discover more wonder in California.

The timing, as attractive as the job in Wyoming sounded, was just not right.

So I signed up for another 13 weeks at Stanford, and will be here at least through June.

Son Zakian moved out on his own last week, and is doing well, living in San Francisco, looking for work.

I have my little cottage to myself, and the garden is blooming.  Every morning, I notice something new.  Right now, it's the Acacias, and the huge blooms of the magnolias that perfume the air and catch the eye.

Photos to come - I just replaced my battery charger and will be gearing up.

Next on the agenda - EQUINE YOGA video.  Stay tuned!