Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1/11/11 11:11 am

This is the auspicious date and time I have chosen to officially begin to achieve my goal of riding 200 miles in every state on horseback.  When I'm done with this ride,  I will have ridden 10,000 miles.  I would have ridden to South America, if it were not for the drug wars in Mexico.  I dedicate this ride to the hope that all beings everywhere will someday have the chance to live in peace and live their dreams.

American River Horse Trail Marker, Sacramento, CA
I have decided to start in Sacramento, CA on the banks of the American River.  There's a beautiful horse trail there, and I like the idea of starting in the capital of California, an amazing and beautiful state.
On the banks of the American River
A gift and good omen from the American River

From the Golden Gate to the Empire State, I will be looking forward to meeting new friends, exploring amazing areas to ride a horse, and most of all, bonding even more closely with my wonderful herd.  I plan to blog often, writing about my adventures, challenges, lessons learned, and the characters I meet along the way.  Thanks for riding with me electronically.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA
Maggie, Magic, and Midnight would like you to know that they are as excited for the adventures ahead as I am.  They invite you and all your friends to join us on this life-changing journey, and will be checking in with you often.  So imagine yourself with us on the trail, and keep in touch. If you would like to actually join us, send me a note.  I welcome riders of all ages, shapes, and sizes to join me on a saddle or from an armchair.
Maggie, Trish, Midnight, and Magic

Maggie - Ready to Ride!

Also, we would love your suggestions as to where to ride and camp or stay in an area near you!

Ready to Dream Again
All right.  Time for sleep - much to do in the morning.  Think of me at 11:11 a.m., as I mount up and smile, taking the first steps of my dream journey.

May we all find a way to dream and live it.  May we all take the risk to accomplish something big - whatever that may be for each of us.  May we all be healed, that we be a source of healing for others!
Here's where I learned to make my dreams happen:  Estes Park, CO
Long's Peak in the backyard.

Happy Trails!