Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are you a follower?

OK, so I'm trying to figure out this whole blog thing. If you haven't already signed up, it would be really great to see you on the sidebar as a "follower".  As of today, there are 15 people brave enough to come on board.  It's easy - just click on the link. Part of the reason I'm blogging is to stay in touch, but also, to earn money.  If my blog grabs attention for being visited frequently, google will begin to post ads that will pay per click and maybe pay for my trip!  Or at least help..Plus, I like knowing who's out there, so I can keep in touch better...So pass the link to anyone you think might like to travel along with me, and come back often! 

Brush and Bottle Class

My friends Lou and Greg invited me to their cool coffee shop in downtown Estes Park (the big one on the River).  They are hosting these cool art classes every other Friday.  I took an oil painting class called Brush and Bottle - (or was it Bottle and Brush?) and this painting was the result of drinking wine while painting on canvas.  This is actually my abstraction of a photo taken of the draft horse who pulls the carriage down Elk Horn Ave in Estes Park.  I love painting and plan to do it a lot more...Anybody want to buy this one?

What's a Remuda?

So here's a cool thing about horses.  The females rule!  (Stallions are for fighting, breeding, and protecting the herd - also important).  In a herd, the females decide where and when the herd moves.  And how about this?  They often lead together, shoulder to shoulder, in a line called a "Remuda".  Here's a cool photo of a Remuda that a friend of mine took a long time ago.

Home is: 2978 Lory Lane, Estes Park, Colorado

This is where we live in Estes Park.  On top of a beautiful mountain, in the snow at this time of year...  Notice Magic and Midnight watching me drive away to work.  Hopefully they won't have to watch me leave them for much longer.

A Morning Beach Race in Mal Pais, Costa Rica.

It's time to catch up...

It's been a month since I created my blog, and it's time now, to get going.  I just returned from Costa Rica, where I had a fabulous time on the beach and in the rain forest with my good buddy (let's just call him C) who shall remain nameless.  Sorry for the mystery, but he's just that way, and that's the way it shall be.  Thanks by the way, for all the fun! 

I was motivated and shot from the cannon to get back and get busy, for there is much to do.

Here's my current list:

1.  Make a reservation (flight) to attend Epona Research Institute Clinic on the polycarbonate shoes I would like my steeds to wear all the way to Argentina.  I have been graciously invited by Monique, the owner of the company to come and learn how to trim and shoe the Epona way.  More on that later.  That event takes place April 2-4, in Pasa Robles, California.  Can't wait.

2.  Get my financial house in order.  That means, I need to seek funding STAT.  I will write and send one hundred letters to potential supporters via Email before April 1st.  I am hoping for corporate sponsorship because I have no desire to tap my friendships for money.  In exchange for sponsorship in goods, services, or money, I will be happy to post ads on this website of various prominence.  Anyone who has suggestions of companies that may be interested in sponsoring my endeavors to bring peace, provide entertainment, and bring joy to children along the path, please send em my way!

For those of you that just HAVE TO give me money in spite of me saying right now that I don't expect and will never ask my friends to contribute, I am currently developing a way for you wonderful people to "buy a mile".  Stay tuned, but really, I don't expect it, and will never ask you to do it.  It's just that there are some people that want to help and can, so I won't say no.  But really, this only applies to those people who have extra cash laying around that they want to give away for the fun of it.  Most people I am friends with are not in that position, and this DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.  So just read on and enjoy!   (Friends will be tapped frequently instead for moral, emotional, and spiritual support).

3.  Create a new blog written by Wiley Coyote and his 3 comrades, Midnight, Magic, and the most wonderful Maggie.  It is my hope that gradeschoolers (and others?) might like to read about our travels from the point of view of my furry family.  As I ride, I plan to stop and talk to interested parties at schools, prisons, and community gatherings along the way. 
4.  Liquidate all my possessions.  I originally thought I would hang on to some "stuff", but I now believe it will be most freeing if I let go of EVERYTHING.  So I'm making a plan to have a sale.  An auction of my worldly possessions, except for what I need to take on my trip.

5.  Create costumes for the ride.  Yes, I know, it sounds crazy, but it is my desire to entertain along the way, so I am teaming up with some talented folks who have offered to help me come up with something original (and of course wild) to ride in.  Maybe a few know, so people will see me coming....I'm thinking on the order of Avatar like fashion (but NO I will not paint my face blue or tattoo on a costume as some of you have suggested...I saw Alice in Wonderland tonight.  She had some great outfits - oh yes, for sure I need some armor with a cute skirt!  And a great HAT!  yes yes.  And a cool sword.  To slay my own jabberwockies....OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!  And check out the outfit on the white queen's horse - I think Miss Maggie will look fabulous in one of those....

OK, so that's it for today.  There's a lot more to do, including quitting my job, but not quite yet....

Thanks for checking in, and really, pass the word!  I really am going to do this thing, and I would feel so much better to know there are people "out there" cheering me on.  Love to all, and to all a goodnight.

The Wild Nomad

UPDATE:  July 16, 2010
Good progress on all fronts!

1).  Attended the seminar in California in April - learned about Eponashoes and received instruction on how to apply them to my horses feet.  Confirmed the company as a sponsor for my trip.  Monique and John, engineers and inventors of the polycarbonate horseshoe, have made the generous offer to send me shoes for all three horses.  In exchange I will report back on their performance over varied terrain and 10,000 miles. 

2).  Funding still pending - built my website and blog, but technical difficulties have kept me from seeking the funding I had hoped for.  Still under construction.  Help?

3).  Nothing in print yet, but Wiley is getting his thoughts together.....

4).  Great progress here!  I am now free of all possessions, except what I carry in my truck and trailer.  I still need to "let go" of more things.  Too much to fit on one pack horse....

5).  Excellent progress here too!  I discovered a wonderful leathersmith in Loveland Colorado, Jennifer, who owns a little business called "Phoenix Nest".  She constructed a custom fit set of leather armor for me.  I wore it in a parade in Estes Park, and it's comfortable, protective, and super cool.