Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day in Denver Go Broncos!

Go Broncos!
Yesterday, I was invited to attend my first Denver Broncos Football game.  My friend George took me, and we had a blast!  The Broncos beat the Seahawks (Seattle) with a big margin, and each time Denver got a touchdown, a cowgirl dressed in Broncos colors would gallop down the field on her white horse.  Guess what part I liked the best...

Anyhow, we also consumed beer and brats and peanuts and burritos smothered in green chile, followed by fresh squeezed lemonade.  It was a hot day, but luckily, our seats were in the shade.  I think the folks sitting in the sunny bleachers were really suffering.


Union Station, Denver

Afterwards, we took the light rail back to where we parked (I'm back in civilization now!) and then walked to Jax fish house and had raw oysters (yum!) and salads and drinks.  What a great day!  Beautiful weather, good company, and our team won!  Thanks George!