Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reply from Bill and Cathy in Anza

Bill and Cathy when I met them at Anza Borrego
I was given permission by Bill to post his reply, which has some interesting info about Bert and Bari, my fun riding companions from a couple of days ago:

Hi beautiful,

I just got done reading your latest postings.  I spend a week a Montana de Oro several years ago on my way to Yosemite for a trail ride.  I love it.  ETI Corral 22 in Burbank normally has a group ride there every summer.  I also went with them on one occasion.  It is great to ride on the beach.  My oldest horse, Dufuss, learned to go into the ocean when I was there.  What a kick.  I’m glad you were able to see this area in your travels.

I have always been amazed by how small the horse world really is.  Bert and Bari Bonnett are longtime friends of Cathy and myself.  I have been a member of the High Desert Trail Riders since the mid-80’s.  This group puts on a week-end ride the first week-end of every month.  Bert and Bari are members and I have ridden with them multiple times.  In 2001 there was a ride at Heart Bar by Big Bear for the group.  Bari showed up by herself to lead the Saturday ride she and Bert had sponsored.  When we asked her why Bert didn’t come she stated that he couldn’t come because he had broken his foot breaking a new 2 year old Mustang!!!  Bert is known throughout the western horse world and has had many articles about his life published.  You got to meet and ride with one of the greatest horsemen you could ever expect to meet.  It’s interesting the Bari had a horse which gave her trouble.  Typically she rides a energetic horse but one which she always handles easily.  It’s Bert who typically is riding a semi-wild horse.  Very seldom have I ever seen him riding a totally finished and trained horse.  He loves to ride and train and typically would be riding a learning horse.

You pictures posted a beautiful as always.  You know how much we support your travels.  It kind of makes us feel we are along doing what we would love to be doing.  Keep it up.

Love,  Bill and Cathy