Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yay and Thanks to Steve and Tony!

Patty's friends Steve and Tony investigating the starter problem.
So after working all day cleaning chimneys, Patty's friend Steve showed up with his buddy Tony, and fixed the truck!  Bessie (my truck) started right up after their repairs.  Turns out it was the starter.  $180 bucks for the part and a few dollars to Tony, and I'm rollin' again.
Since we're all over forty, we have a hard time seeing the small print on the sockets.
Patty found the right size with the flashlight.

Thanks guys!  I won't forget this.  Nothing like good people helping people.  Patty tells me that Steve has a lot of friends that trade their services with each other.  It's the way the early settlers survived, and a wonderful way to be a friend.  Tony's kindly and speedy help on a Saturday evening, leaving his wife and kids at home really made a difference for me.  I would have spent probably twice as much and would have had to go through the hassle of a tow and a wait at the dealership.

A great big thanks to you and your family for helping me out Tony.  Tony tells me he has a 7 year old son. He took my blog address, and hopefully his son will join us on the ride across America!  If you guys find the blog, please leave a comment to let me know you're out there!

My heroes of the day!

Truck won't start, hip still hurts

What would cause a vehicle to suddenly not start?
Battery is Ok.  Fuses are Ok.
I turn the ignition, and nothing happens.  Nothing, except a small "click" sound.
I'm still holed up at my friend's place in Sacramento.  I was making plans to leave for Yosemite, when the truck decided not to start.  Patty's friends are coming over tonight to try to figure out the problem.  I guess if they can't get her going, I'll have to get a tow.

Dr. Debbie's treatment room.
She has a beautiful office, with Feng Shui principles in place.
Pleasant lighting, soothing music.
Reception area at Dr. Debbie's
Still working on my sciatic problem, which now is mostly a problem with my psoas and periformis muscles staying in spasm and pulling things out of alignment.  It's getting better every day however, thanks to the help from Dr. Deb at the Chiropractic clinic.  I have decided to stay here until I'm pain free, which I'm thinking may be another 2 weeks.  During that time, I will be riding trails however - as soon as I get the truck running again.

The juice fast is going great.  I'm still not hungry, and am down to 152 today.  I feel great - lots of energy and loving the effects.  My skin looks better, my canker sores are gone, and every day my yoga gets stronger.  I'm staying on juice only until I get a hunger urge.  It's an interesting journey.

I'm feeling better, stronger, and happier, with more lightness of Being every day.
I recommend the juice fast to any of you who are ailing,
but get the book by Dr Airola to be safe and get the best results.