Friday, July 1, 2011

Malto the Amazing PCT Hiker

Here is a link to one of the PCT hikers I met in Warner Springs:

 His trail nickname is Malto, because he consumes 8000 cals a day, often including Maltodextrin for a portion of the calories.  He is a lightweight speed hiker - often hiking 30 mile days, carrying a very light pack of only about 10 pounds of gear.  Imagine hiking in wilderness with only 10 pounds of gear!

One of the strongest hikers on the PCT this year, he plans to hike the whole almost 2700 miles in 100 days, and by golly, it looks like he'll make it!  Despite grueling conditions in the high Sierra and near death adventures, he is pretty much on schedule.  His journal is amazing to read - check it out.  He writes clear, short, daily entries, some of which are death defying feats.  One day recently he was lifted off his feet in swift water in the Sierras and had to swim for his life in the freezing water.  Quite the stories, and makes it very clear that the PCT is no place to be with horses in the high country this year of record snows.  See how it all works out?

I hope to hook up with Malto when I get up North and find the PCT again in horse friendly parts.  Best wishes to you my friend!  We're all rooting for you!

Hope to see you later this summer Malto!
Back at Warner Springs when I met Malto....
This is the Magnificant Mario - a trail angel who provided us with a place to stay on the way out of Warner Springs.
What a sweetheart!  And providing help to hikers even though he had fallen off a roof and could barely
walk with his own injuries.  I enjoyed fresh boiled eggs for breakfast from the chickens in his coop.  Malto
also met Mario and enjoyed a stay at the Hiker's shack.
Tending the wounds and poor hooves on poor Moonlight.
This was the day outside of Anza when we realized he wouldn't make it any further.
He wasn't in condition for the PCT, but one day, he will be!
I predict by the end of this summer he will be in the best condition of any of my herd.
I am fully committed to helping him be the healthiest, strongest, and most fit he can be.
He was born to be a strong athlete, and deserves to be loved and cared for.
Neither one of us deserved to be deserted on the trail, and it gives us a special bond.
 I will make sure he makes a better than full recovery, and he is now my life partner.
Stay tuned - Moonlight will be a shining star!
Maggie at rest on the highline in our last PCT camp for awhile.
We will be back on the trail July 5th.
She does well because she knows how to rest when she has the chance.
She is one of the loves of my life.