Friday, January 14, 2011

Day Four: Juice Fast, Mary's Magic Pasture and the Move to Shandoni Ranch

Some of you have emailed me to ask about the juice fasting program I have undertaken so I thought I would just post my results here so everyone can see them.  If you have no interest, just scroll down until you come to the horse photos later in the blog.

You know how a good student always asks the question that every one else is wondering about but is too afraid to raise their hand?

In the Accupuncturist's Office
Placement of the needles and electrical stimulator.
It didn't hurt, and felt like a mild buzzing sensation.
I laid like this for 20 minutes, but alas it was ineffective treatment for my pain.
I know that acupuncture can be helpful, which is why I tried it.
It didn't help me this time though, and in fact, the pain was worse following the treatment.

Thanks for those of you that are reading and asking questions.  I love it!  You don't have to post your question on the blog if you don't want to.  You can always email me and let me know if you want me to keep your identity in confidence.

OK.  Patty and I started our fast 4 days ago.  The day we started, her gentleman friend came over and I wanted to give them some "room to move" so I went to see a movie,  "Love and Other Drugs".  It's a good movie about a couple coping with her Parkinson's Disease which I had seen before, but the woman in front of me kept talking through the whole movie to her boyfriend.  Laughing and talking and hiccuping.  She was drunk or something.  I finally couldn't take it anymore.  I stood up, tapped her on the shoulder and told her she owed me 10 bucks.  Her boyfriend said "We don't owe you anything" I said something back I can't repeat on a kid friendly site and  then went to the manager and got a free ticket to another movie, plus got his blessing to watch another movie right then,  the "King's speech".  It is a pretty good movie about overcoming handicaps and working hard to be the best you can be.  In his case, he wanted to be able to give a speech that would save the free world, but he still struggled with his stutter.  Go see it to find out what happens. Nice costumes too, and good dialog about equality among men (and women).

Cool Car parked outside the movie theatre.
And check out that beautiful oak tree!
Sorry, I weakened, I ate popcorn.  Even though I knew from the San Francisco Theatre where I saw Tron in 3D with Zak that a large popcorn has a lot of calories.  I'll let you guess how many and you can learn the answer, if you don't already know it, at the bottom of my blog.  While you're thinking about that, guess how many a large coke contains....I'll give you that answer later too.

I was hit with the "wave" of popcorn smell as I entered the theatre.  Now I don't know about you, but I have been seeing movies since I was a child with popcorn in hand.  It's a Pavlovian thing, I launch into unconscious behavior and "must .......  have.......   popcorn......."

And I ate the whole thing.  But I drank unsweetened Ice Tea and avoided consuming the horrible sugar content of the Coke.  Does anybody know for sure how many Tablespoons of sugar are in a large Coke at the movie theatre?  It's a lot worse than the carbs in a bunch of popcorn, so I didn't feel too guilty - I was proud of not getting the Coke!  

Dear Patty even sent me a text just before the movie started and said she was starving, but still fasting.  I texted back something like mmmmmmmm and turned the phone off and ate my popcorn, so she wouldn't have permission to mess up her fast.  Plus, she was getting exercise with her boyfriend, so she had something to keep her busy besides eating.  The kind of exercise she was having is great fun and so good for you!  I just didn't want her to waste time in the kitchen....

Anyhow, I digress.  Since then, I have followed the directions of Dr. Paavo Airola in his book "How to Keep Slim, Healthy, and Young with Juice Fasting - the Age Old Way to a New You".  

Now kids, don't for a minute believe everything you read - especially on the internet - but as a PhD researcher, I know for a FACT that even scientific studies can be used to manipulate the public into faulty (and profitable) behavior (check out the history of the tobacco industry).  However, I read Dr. Airola's book and it MADE GOOD SENSE.  So Patty and I have been doing pretty well with following his plan, although not exactly strict to every detail, but pretty close.  We are educated, experienced women after all and we can think for ourselves!

Organic fruit and veggies ready for juicing.  Yummy.
Today, after four days of herbal teas, fresh squeezed fruit and vegetables, and home made organic vegetable broth, I feel GREAT!  I have good energy, feeling light, and I've lost weight.  I am not hungry, although I was the first day.

At the start of this, I also had several painful canker sores in my mouth.  They are now gone.  Wow.  That's faster than any other treatment I've ever tried.  I've had them since I was a kid, and now I'm starting to think it was all the sugar I was given (and bought on my own) back then.  Hmmmm.

Now the drumroll please.........

I have lost 10 pounds so far.  I was 165 when I started and I'm down to 155 today.  I'm 5'7" by the way, and big boned.   A sturdy Irish/ Norwegian farm gal.  I don't really care how much I weigh, but it's fun to see the scale go down.  I'm more concerned with getting healthy, fit, and pain free, and I will not stop trying until I'm completely the best I can be.  I guess not only fitness wise, but emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, cause it's all related you know.

That's a tall order for me, cause I'm far from perfect in all of those areas, but hey, why give up before you die?  I know we have limitless potential, and I'm often too lazy to do the work that's right for me.  Temptation is everywhere!   I'll get back to that topic later.

We've also been doing Yoga every day, and every couple of days I see the chiropractor, Dr. Debbie.

OK, and yes, for those of you paying attention - I am also doing daily enemas (during the juice fast only) to cleanse the bowel more completely.  More than anything, this fast is about cleaning out gunk, restoring vitality, and getting away from refined sugar.   Did you eat a little more sugar, a little more rich food than usual over the holidays?  Well yes, I too went a little wild (with my diet) celebrating this holiday season.  I enjoyed every bite and minute of it, but now it's time to start anew, refresh the body and get fit again.

I am going to ride it off!!!

I love food.  What healthy person doesn't?  I'm just trying to get away from the addicting sugar and fat of the American diet, and cleanse myself of the toxins produced by taking in food that isn't wonderful for me.  A great whole raw food organic diet with exercise that burns more calories than I take in and the fat just melts away!

Ok.  Enough of that.  If anyone has any questions as time goes by, let me know.  As long as people are asking about it, I'll keep writing about it.

Back to the horse stories.

The horses are being cared for by a lovely couple of horse people at Shandoni Ranch in Elverta, about 35 minutes from Patty's place in Carmichael.

Doreen and Trish on arrival at Shandoni Ranch

Jay (Jens) of Shandoni Ranch
Jay and Doreen had an ad that Patty found online.  They run a "Horse Hotel" at Shandoni, offering stalls and pastures in a range of prices for temporary stays or long term boarding.  They feed alfalfa cubes, and Jay has convinced me that they are just the thing for optimal nutrition and good horse health.  The horses they have on pasture look stunning and healthy so he has me convinced to truck those as my hay source instead of hay bales, which lead to a lot of waste and are hard to tarp, carry, and haul.  I located a feed store near the Shandoni Ranch which sells these cubes in heavy duty bags which should be water safe.  I had a problem with the hay in the back of my truck molding from heavy rains, despite tarping.

Anyhow Jay and Doreen welcomed us with big smiles and a wonderful deal and set up.  The land is full of rain and mud, but their higher pasture is dry and spring grass is available for nibbling when they've finished their cubes.  I leave my precious babies in their care with confidence.  Plus, Jay is hilarious and full of good jokes.  Another thing?  Doreen was born in Rugby ND, so she must be alright!

Even if she hadn't been born in North Dakota, I would have liked Doreen.  She was not home when I arrived, but when she came driving into the yard, she was hauling a beautiful thoroughbred mare.  This was a prizewinner that she had sold some time ago.  Doreen told us that she just didn't seem to be working out for the people that had bought her, so she traded another horse for her and brought her home.  Now that's customer service!

Doreen invited me into her lovely home and walked me around her paintings.  Horse paintings.  Incredibly beautiful horse paintings.  Not only of hunter/jumpers (her specialty), but also of bucking broncos, draft horses pulling wagons, and fancy cart horses hauling well dressed drivers.  One especially beautiful painting was of a small girl holding the lead line of her horse at a rodeo.  Just beautiful.  I asked why the parents didn't buy it (it was so awesome!) and she said they probably didn't even know she had taken a photo of their daughter which she turned into this incredible work of art.

Wow.  Doreen, if you want to post a photo of your painting online, we could send it out and see if somehow it finds itself in electronic view of the parents, who will surely buy it - or maybe even better - maybe someone will buy it as a gift for the girl....

Anyhow, Doreen and Jay have been awesome and warm and welcoming.  It's such a relief to know that the horses are in great care while I continue to heal my sore psoas muscle.

My hips are getting better every day, and soon it will come time to leave Patty's Healing Palace.  It will be hard to say good  bye to my darling friend, but as she says, "you can always come back".
Friends for more than 30 years.
Patty and me sharing some more great times together.

Here are some more photos from last week I hope you'll enjoy.  Again, come back often, and comments are always welcome, although I am screening the anonymous ones these days for negative content.  This is a kid friendly site after all.

Me and the herd gathered up at Mary's, bound for Shandoni.
Thanks again Mary and Mark, for your wonderful care and hospitality!
Magic and Midnight on a single line.
They are such good buddies that they allow me to lead them this way.
We are all aware that they allow me to lead them because of their training, trust, and love.
I learned on the Colorado trail that if they really wanted to
they could take off with me dangling like a puppet on a string.

Maggie after a week of playing with Cake, running wild on Mary's magic pasture.
Yes, I know, very similar to the previous photo of all of us.  I couldn't decide which one I liked better.
What do you think?
Mary's horses.  Cake, Maggie's latest "boyfriend", is the palomino in the middle of this shot.
I'm sorry - Mary, what was the name of your sorrel horse in this photo?

Cake, upset with Maggie's departure.
Don't worry Cake, our paths will cross again!
Mary and Mark's son Benjamin demos the operation of a marshmallow gun.
Benjamin shoots mini marshmallows for the dog's  entertainment.
Mary says the dog tells her "it's the best Christmas present EVER!" (Chomp chomp)
In regards to the questions about the caloric counts of Movie Theatre large popcorn and coke:

How close did you guess?

According to the San Francisco theatre menu board:

Large Popcorn = 1050 calories!
Large Coke = 1050 calories!

That's more calories than recommended for an entire day for a woman my size!  But remember, I didn't have the Coke, so I did alright.  Plus, except for the salt, I don't think popcorn is that bad a snack food.  I NEVER add butter anymore.  Eating the movie theatre butter made me really sick to my stomach more than once.  I wonder if it's always real butter???

OK!  Have a great day and please let me know if you like my blog or photos or if there is anything else you want me to write about.

By the way, Max's mom wrote and asked me to write about free roaming horses.  She wonders if they shouldn't all be free roaming as they once were.  I will address that multifaceted question in future blogs, so check back often, comment often, and interact with me and each other!  I want this to be fun and informative for all!  But remember - be respectful and kid friendly.

Hasta La Vista Baby!