Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to the Wild

Ring Lake Ranch, Wyoming
As my time here in the Bay Area comes to a close, I am happy to announce that I just today accepted a position as "Head Wrangler" on a ranch in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Wyoming.  I will be leaving the Bay Area on April 10, 2012, and making my way with the herd in tow, to this beautiful spiritual retreat center east of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  My job description includes the management of a herd of 24 trail horses, and I'm excited to be following my heart's desire to work full time with horses in a wilderness setting.

I enjoyed my stay here in California, and the experience of working at Stanford's Level One Trauma Emergency Department was certainly one I won't soon forget.  I was an employee of American Mobile Nurses, and I am happy to say that they took good care of me.  My recruiter, Susan Delaney, was very personable and quick to respond to all my needs.

The "Green Zone" of Stanford Emergency Department
I considered staying here in the Bay Area longer and applied and was offered several jobs, but nothing really made my heart sing.  All the positions offered would involve "day jobs" that would keep me from being where I most want to be - which is with my horses.  A voice within me kept me looking for the right feeling....that feeling that tells me I am following my true calling.

When the offer came through for a position where my first responsibility will be to "head to the barn and bring in the horses", I just had to embrace it with a "YES!"  Here it is, my chance to live and work with horses all day in a beautiful wilderness setting.

I will be staying in Portola Valley until April 10th, when my last month's rent is "up".  Then I'll be packing up the entire herd and heading back to the wild for a summer in the wilderness.  If you think you'd like to come visit - check out the website at  Here is some info from their home page:

Discover Ring Lake Ranch-a special place of refreshment and recreation set high in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.

The beauty of the mountains with their silent lakes, waterfalls, wildlife, birds and flowers beckons the soul to celebrate creation in quiet and wonder.

Friendly horses, miles of hiking trails and fish-laden waters offer both the novice and experienced outdoors lover physical challenge as well as relaxation.

Stimulating seminars, thoughtful discussions, and informal interaction among guests and distinguished session leaders provide a unique educational opportunity and intellectual experience.

Individuals are able to savor the opportunity for solitude as well as to participate in group activities.

The Ranch is located just east of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. The Whiskey Mountain Bighorn Sheep Unit and the Shoshone National Forest, immediately adjacent to the Ranch, offers the opportunity to view bighorn sheep, moose, elk and deer. Bird watching, from our resident osprey family to chickadees and eagles, is a favorite pastime. Numerous ancient petroglyphs are located in the valley around the ranch.

I hope you'll join me on the journey.  I'll be taking every opportunity I have to continue to explore the horse world here in the Bay Area until my departure in April.  I have mixed feelings about leaving, but as the Equine Nomad, I've learned that it's always the case.  The price of adventure is leaving behind the comforts and friendships of familiar surroundings.  Someday I will probably be ready to "settle down" in some great place, but not yet.

Not yet.  There is still so much more I want to experience, and so much more I have to learn.

Thanks to the staff at Ring Lake Ranch for choosing me.  I'm looking forward to meeting you all in the coming months and having a great summer working together on the ranch.
Time for moving on...