Sunday, September 5, 2010

Healing in the Holy Cross Wilderness

(This has been posted by proxy for Trish)

Hi Everyone!

I'm letting you know that Wiley has been returned to me (again!). He was at the Leadville Animal Shelter. Two very nice officers, under request from the Chief of Police, helped me retrieve him and gave us a ride back to the CO Trail at the west end of Turquoise Lake. I have ridden in and set up a beautiful camp along the trail a couple of miles into the Holy Cross Wilderness. I'm going to stay here a couple of days so I wanted to post something for the people who were concerned about Wiley and tried to help me find him.

I'll write more later when I get to Frisco later this week. Thanks and don't worry! We have everything we need and are doing well, just need a rest and meditation break.



P.S. It would be so cool if each one of you sent $1.00 to the Leadville Humane Shelter. Here's the address:

Leadville Lake County Animal Shelter
428 East 12th St.
Leadville, CO

They took care of Wiley for 2 days, and when I had no money said, "That's ok, just send a donation." If your reading this would you consider popping $1 in the mail? I think it would be a great surprise for them...