Monday, July 19, 2010

Another day with Horse's feet then back to the Fort

I spent another day working with the horses feet.  Got Midnight trimmed, and discovered that his hooves have changed in size from the last time I shod him.  We're transitioning to the Eponashoes and this time his feet are a little different.  So I'll be making another trip back to the farrier supply to trade in the shoes I have for a slightly wider size.

Magic was missing a shoe, so I replaced that one - his shoes should be good for another couple of weeks I hope.  

After completing all of that and rearranging some gear, it was time to head for Fort Collins again.  I signed up to work a 6 hour shift in the ER at the McKee Medical Center in Loveland.  I'll be working a few shifts as a per diem employee here and there this summer before I leave in October.  Here's a photo of me heading north out of Denver.

I arrived at my good friend Carolina's house about 10 last night.  This morning, Wiley enjoyed a little sunshine by the lake in her backyard.  Lot's to do here to gear up for my trip  to Conundrum Hot Springs in the Maroon Bells Wilderness.
Here's Wiley in Carolina's backyard.