Friday, July 16, 2010

First update "On the Road"

Whew.  It's been a whirlwind these past 6 weeks!  I worked my last shift as a trauma nurse after 36 years in the nursing profession on June 28.  While finishing that up, I moved all my possessions out of the Estes Park cabin into my girlfriend's garage.  Two garage sales and a shipment to the second hand store later, I now can fit all my possessions into my truck and horse trailer, including my three horses and Wiley (of course). 

I pulled out of Fort Collins yesterday, feeling excited and free.

I'm currently visiting my neice, Kelly, at her home in Indian Hills, Colorado.  A few days here, a quick trip back to Fort Collins on Tuesday, and then let the travels begin!

Here are my plans for the immediate future:

1).  July 20, depart for Aspen, CO to the Maroon Bells Wilderness area.  A couple of friends will ride with me to "Conundrum" a hot springs above treeline.  9 miles in, two or three nights soaking in the mountaintop pools, and 9 miles out.

2).  Drive with Patty, my buddy, to Pagosa Springs.  More Hot Springs seeking - plan to check out Rainbow Hot Springs.  Also the home of Pat Parelli, horse trainer extraordinaire.

3).  August 1, arrive at the trailhead for the Colorado Trail, and spend the month riding 500 miles from Durango to Denver.  By myself this time, for the first time keeping a long distance pace of 25 miles a day, 125 miles/week, 500 per month.  I will be testing gear, trying to work the blog, and updating my website - hopefully!  I'll be crossing several high mountain ranges on this trip, so it might take a little longer - I'm allowing an extra two weeks because I don't want to rush.

4).  September 17, allow the horses to rest on pasture while I attend the Telluride Blues and Brews festival with friends from work.

5). September/October, public speaking to schools and community groups, prepare for departure date.

6). 10/10/10 - Host a departure/fundraiser (place to be determined, but I'm hoping for CSU Equine Picket Center).  Ride away on the adventure of a lifetime!  Anyone who would like to see me off on horseback is welcome to ride along as far as you like.

For now, it's a great feeling to be free and on the road.  Horses are fit and ready for travel.  Well, almost.  It's time again to trim and shoe with the special Eponashoes.  A polycarbonate shoe that I first put on about 8 weeks ago.  They have worked out so well so far!  Great traction - like putting Nike's on my horses' feet!  I love these shoes!  More on this topic later.

So join the fun and come along!  I'm so happy to have you "out there" so please send your comments, questions, suggestions, etc.  I love hearing from you!

Trish Wild
The Equine Nomad