Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maggie Speaks: Preparing for My Audition- 2 days to go!

We went here with our friends.  It's a big park.
It was a beautiful day.
This is Paul and Donna demonstrating Equine Yoga.
I like doing yoga, and will be doing it for my audition on Saturday.
I am meditating in this photo, concentrating on standing very still for Donna.
My new shoes are so comfortable!  My feet were really sore,
but these shoes make everything better.

I have new shoes! Oh, they feel so good. After my human put them on me, I could run over the gravel and I felt so good, we went all the way to the waterfall. The cold water felt so good, I went right up near to the waterfall and got wet! I saw a lot of people and had my picture taken a bunch of times. I like to stand next to people for photos.

I also saw a big rattlesnake! It's the biggest one I've ever seen...It rattled suddenly from under the bushes and it scared me a little, so I side stepped away from it. It sure was loud. It had a big ugly head too. I don't like rattlesnakes very much.

Today the Dr. gave me my shots and checked my teeth. He told my human that they were still pretty good - so I don't have to go through having the sharp edges on the sides filed down. He wrote out my health inspection and said that I was in "excellent health".

You better believe it! I've been eating really good food. Alfalfa hay, oats, senior feed, and a fat supplement. Also my human gives me Rice bran because it really makes my coat shiny. I have almost finished shedding my winter coat.  I have also been getting a lot of exercise.

Today, April 7th, is my human Zak's birthday. I miss him sometimes. I like it when he takes me places because he doesn't make me wear a saddle, and he always gives me apples.

This is Paul riding Midnight.
He is standing by the sign from MASH.
Today is my last day to rehearse before my audition. Friday morning I leave for the ranch near Solvang. My human friend Erica gave me a new piece of jewelry to wear to the audition, and it's really nice. My brothers Magic and Midnight are coming with me to keep me company and when we're done with the audition, we're going to go camping on the coast.

So this is everyone that went on our ride.
Paul, Donna, Rick, Lauren, and Erica.
Trish is taking the photo.
This is Donna getting on.  Doesn't she have nice boots?

This is my friend Donna.  We went to Malibu River State Park.
This is the filming site we rode to for some old TV show
the humans have all seen called Mash.
I had to walk in water a long time, and one time,
I had to carry a second rider.  It was nice in the woods.

This is my half brother Midnight.  He's wearing my saddle.

This is my cousin, Magic.
Our human friend Paul is riding him.
Paul is very nice to us and gives us carrots.

This is Magic, with Fen on his back after we saw the rattlesnake.
Isn't she pretty?  She is a personal trainer at Equinox in Pasadena.
She's in really good shape!  This is her first horse ride, and she was very good.

This is a young horse that lives at the stable where we stay in Pasadena.
I think he's very good looking, but he's a gelding.
I want to meet a nice stallion because I want to have a baby.
This horse is a Rocky Mountain Saddle Horse.

This is Lauren.  She is the human of the Rocky Mountain Horse.
That's Veronica behind her, and she is 70 years old,
but still rides and takes good care of 3 horses.
She is really nice and comes to visit us in our stall sometimes.
She loves us horses.
 Rick, Lauren's mate.  He is training the Rocky Mountain Horse.
Karen is friends with Fen and rode with us the day we saw the Rattlesnake.
She rode Midnight.
This is that nice Greek lady, Veronica.
She is happy because she loves horses so much.

My human putting shoes on Midnight.
We have to stand still with one foot up for a very long time
when she does this, but it's worth it because the shoes feel so good!

I am meditating here, waiting for my human.
I don't mind standing still at all.
I meditate all the time, and sometimes, I even get sleepy....

This is Chance.  He came riding with us all the way to the waterfall.
He has a snake tattoo on his arm.  It reminds me of the big snake we saw that day.
I would like to get a tattoo someday.  Or a cool looking brand.....
He's riding Midnight.