Tuesday, October 18, 2011

EponaShoe Testimonial Video

EponaShoe Video Release

Hey everyone!  Check out the new EponaShoe Video.  Just released, it explains the features and benefits of these great shoes.  Share the news with your horse loving friends!


EponaShoes helped Moonlight to grow back strong hooves after they fell apart in chunks back when he was in steel shoes.  From bare sole to sound in only 4 months!  All my horses will always wear EponaShoes!

Two weeks after his feet broke off in chunks.
EponaShoes keep the pain down and help support the foot.

John, from EponaShoe keeps a close eye on the work.
EponaShoe glued on first at the Epona Institute in Paso Robles, August, 2011

Casting material applied to provide additional support to the right hind

Monique and the EponaShoe Farrier apply the finishing touches

To this!
In only four months...
Thanks EponaShoe!