Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eponashoes to the Rescue...

Moonlight's front shoe being replaced.
His hooves still break off in chunks, so we're trying to fortify with the glue.

This is a product called "Super Fast".
It dries and then can be filed.

Feet all done, by Eric my farrier friend.
The glue didn't stick very long though.
My hope is that with all his new supplements, good food,
and frequent Eponashoe changes, his feet will grow in strong and healthy.

My beautiful Moonlight.  Ready to ride!

Wonderful girlfriends out in Hollywood.
Went to see "Buck", a movie about Buck Brenamen, horse trainer extraordinaire.
Weird window art, Hollywood.

Michael Jackson look alike...

Midnight gets his vet inspection prior to hitting the trail again.

Taking his temperature...

Resting heart rate: 39!  He's an athlete!

Moonlight is on supplements and fat, and is gaining weight slowly.

Maggie and Moonlight - in love!

My sweet friend Erica.

Girls day out for pampering!

The finished product...

Newborn Hatchling Canary.  What a miracle!

Amber in her new bonnet - a gift from Erica.

It's a beautiful morning for making fresh lemonade!

Lemons from Paul and Donna's tree in the back.  Delicious!