Monday, February 21, 2011

On the Road to San Diego

Gathering the Herd to leave Shandoni Ranch
Midnight, Me, Magic, and Maggie
After 6 weeks at my dear friend Patty's house, I finally pulled out of her luxurious home and headed out to pick up the horses at Shandoni Ranch.  Maggie was a little hard to catch - she had a really nice boyfriend there - a great big red horse that told her lots of stories about when he used to be a hunter -jumper.

Jay from Shandoni Ranch
Jay helped me get hooked up and even offered to clean out my trailer while I went out and gathered the horses from the pasture.  He is the one who provided excellent feed and care for my horses during their lengthy stay at Shandoni.  Thanks to Jay, everyone is fit and healthy and ready to go.  It's such a great thing to find a great place to keep the horses.  I don't like to be separated from my buddies, but it sure worked out well this time, because Jay and Doreen were just, well, THE BEST.  I will be sure and stop by again when I'm in the area.  I feel so lucky to have found this wonderful place.

This is me turning around due to flooding of the road leaving Shandoni.
Lots of rain while the horses were in Helverta.

I finally hit the road around 1:30 and right away had to turn around and go another way due to flooding across the road.  A very nice neighbor let me turn around in his driveway.

Here I stopped again.
I had passed this joint many times, so I  stopped to try a burger here.
I must say, it was some kind of wonderbar!
An old fashioned hamburger joint on Rio Linda  in Heverta, -yummy!
The drive down highway five was good.  Sunshine and no problems.
We made it to Lost Hills, north of LA.
 I got a room at a Days Inn in the background.

This nice fellow allowed me to water the horses in the driveway of his truck wash.
I've never seen a car wash this big.