Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chillin in Sonora

Made it to my good friend Janna's place.  She lives in the woods outside Sonora, about 150 miles from Yosemite.  I arrived after dark, and we unloaded the horses into her yard, which happens to have a nice sturdy fence.   The horses were well behaved, walking carefully over the deck in their EPONASHOES.  It was fun to look off the deck and see the herd grazing the grass in her front yard.

We cleaned up the next morning and loaded the horses in the trailer.  They stood there eating alfalfa cubes and crimped oats while we began our juice fast inside.  Once the delicious drinks were consumed, Janna headed off for a few chores in town, and I drove through the neighborhood, where I located the stable down the street.  Penny, the awesome manager, cut me a pretty good deal, and the tribe was unloaded into another new location.  They seem to be getting used to and even enjoying all the changes I put them through.  This time they have a little green grass under their hooves and a huge spreading oak above their heads.  They settled in right away and began to roll in the leaves.  All is well, and everyone is healthy.

We were planning to ride today, but ran out of time, and now I hear the weather is going to be bad tomorrow, with possible snow expected.  Clearly, I need to head south very soon for another month or so.

I continue with my hip pain and continue to focus on healing with a daily yoga practice (twice a day), fasting, and I guess I need to find another chiropractor.  But it slowly gets better....

I'm still hoping to ride Yosemite in the next couple of days, but most of it is buried in snow, and sounds like more is on the way.