Monday, May 7, 2012

Equine Yoga - Comes to Golden Gate Park May 15

Midnight Bows:  Stretching his forehand, shoulder, back, and hamstrings

Magic looks on as Midnight moves deeper into his bow.

Moonlight says Hello!  Feeling good.

Om El Akheil (Moonlight)

Moonlight is still tight in his back and legs.

With gentle progress, he will learn to stretch, relax and soften.

Napoleon likes my bumper sticker.
Midnight, in fine condition

Maggie in Pedastal pose, great stretch for the stifle area and the
tensor fascia latae muscle of the hind legs (front of the hind leg)

Pedastal pose

At rest in my favorite spot.
Snuggled up with Midnight on a sunny day.
Zakian Tree Pose

Zakian Tree Pose
Heart Lake, Olympic Penninsula

Equine Yoga.  Good for the Soul.

Spinal Twist

Backbend or Upward Bow

Spinal Twist

Crane Pose

Camel pose

Lord of the Dance Variation Pose

Ardha Bheka Kapotasana

Half Frog Pigeon Pose

Legs to Sky Pose

Supta Paschimottasana

Upward Facing Westward Pose
Boat Pose

The famous "I love Magic" Pose

Equine Yoga Comes to Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
May 15, 2012  12:00 noon

Yoga with Horses in Golden Gate Park, followed by guided horseback excursions to Ocean Beach.
Come and watch or be one of the first 10 people to sign up to participate in Equine Yoga...bring a yoga mat, and wear boots or sturdy shoes.
Suggested donation for yoga class participants: $20.00, but nobody turned away. For observers: $5.00 donation suggested
Horses at liberty.  No bridle or saddle. Yoga instruction and Horse Herd interaction during a one hour class.
Guided horse rides available by appointment after the class. I can take up to 3 riders on a one hour ride to the beach. $35.00/person
For more info, email me at You must make an appointment with me personally in advance to have a chance to ride to the beach.