Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Copper Mountain Ski Resort

On the ski run at Copper Mountain Resort - photo by Dick McKay
Hi Everyone!  I rolled in here two days ago, and was immediately welcomed by the sparse off season community at Copper Mountain, a ski resort where I have held a season pass in the past.  So strange to ride the horses under the American Eagle lift!  A very nice fellow, Dick, took photos for me, but the computer I'm using won't allow me to upload - so you'll have to wait for those until later. 

The trail has been incredible - I've met so many interesting and helpful people.  I've been keeping a written journal, and will provide more details when I get to a more user friendly computer.

Wiley is doing well, and keeps a close eye on us since his last episode at the animal shelter in Leadville.  We had an amazing crossing through the Holy Cross Wilderness.  I had a spiritual experience there and thought I might never leave, but the next morning blew in a freezing cold wind and my feeling was, "get me out of here!".  A wonderful gal named Maddy with her sweet dog came by during the freezing cold and let me use her cell phone.  She gifted me $20.00 and became a sponsor of my trip, so THANKS MADDY! 

My friend George came up today and brought me a sleeping bag.  I'd been complaining about mummy bags - too constricting!  So he brought four for me to choose from.  I picked the biggest one....Thanks George!

He also bought the horses some alfalfa cubes and a new collar for Wiley, and took me to Frisco for lunch in the pouring rain.  WHAT A TREAT!  He then stopped by a vet clinic (he's Wiley's favorite vet) and picked up some pain meds for Wiley (he's 12 and gets stiff and sore like me), and then took me to the sporting goods store for a new pair of gloves.

I keep losing things - they just fall off me...What's up with that!!!!  I hereby declare that I am a loser no more!

Anyway, I was out of cash (again) and George gave me some cash besides.  He also took with him one of my pack saddles and the orange plastic panniers that keep giving me trouble.  So I'm down to one pack saddle now, and looking forward to a lighter load.  The horses will be happier too I think.

Thanks for everything George!  You made my day!

Got back to the horses - standing in mud after the rain.  George left and I got organized for an early a.m. depart, and then went down to the Copper Mountain Athletic club and had one of the best showers of my life!  Even a hot wet sauna and a hot tub for $5.00.  Great deal, and nice girl at the desk besides.  I'm clean and warm and loving it!

I have been treated so well here - had a wonderful meal last night at Alpinista's, and met Cory, who wanted to ride a horse.  We went on a nice ride around the ski resort this morning, and he made me a delicious martini tonight!  Thanks Cory!  Can't wait to check out the Absinthe Bar in Boulder....

Love Copper in the off season - like a really friendly, very small town. 

Tomorrow I head over "Ten Mile Range".  I heard it was really steep and rocky, but Leslie, the owner of Copper Mountain Stables, assured me that the ride is easy to accomplish on horseback, if you can avoid the marrauding moose.  She told me the story of a woman who was hiking with her dog, and a moose attacked her dog, and then when she tried to intervene, attacked the woman too!

So Wiley will be "on leash", and I'll have my bear spray handy.  After all he's been through, and all the miles he's trotted, we can't have some crazy old moose giving him trouble!

Well, I better head up the hill - Maggie and Wiley are tied out front and the nice manager just let me know that it's probably time for moving on....

Thanks for reading and love to hear from you!