Monday, July 11, 2011

Montana de Oro - Again!

Midnight at the Oasis
Montana de Oro State Park
I am back at one of the most beautiful places I've been so far, near Morro Bay, north of Santa Barbara.  I'm camping by myself with my family of four horses at the horse camp in Montana de Oro State Park.  I had a beautiful day yesterday and rode with two groups.
Riding the trails at Montana de Oro
Lynn, Sue, Susan, and Bobbi on their fine steeds.

The first was a group of 4 gals from the desert who had come to get out of the heat.  I loved their cowgirl camp - now that's some luxury living!  They each had a big rig, and they rounded up the wagons so to speak and had themselves set up with tapestry rugs, tables, and some serious comfort.  They invited me for drinks and food, and were very hospitable.  The next day, we rode a ways together.  I enjoyed taking photos of their "get-ups" and their beautiful horses.  We hung out a second night, and I loved their stories about their experiences with men, horses, and rodeo riding.  I'm hoping Susan will find a way to write a book about drill team exercises, cause I know there are some gals in Altadena that would love to learn from her!

My rodeo galfriend, Susan.

Bobbi and Sue
Lynn on her fine horse.  Check out those chinks!
Headstall Detail.  Serious bling!
Lookin good girlfriend!  (Love the pink boots)
Love the pink boots!
The other Susan.  Beautiful Horse!
Nice Chinks.  Custom made.  Notice the tiny silver details?
Also very nice chinks.  These girls know how to dress!
My Favorites.
Heading to the beach...

Later in the afternoon, I rode with Bert and Bari.  Bert is 101 years old folks, and I was really impressed with his clear mind, his ability to mount and really handle a horse, and his capacity for conversation and a "toddy" in the evening.
Bert.  101 years old, and still riding!  Pretty impressive...
Bert and Bari.  Quite the couple.
Bari's horse was acting up a bit, so we switched and she rode Maggie.
Of course she fell in love with her...
Bert still sits the saddle well, don't you think?  We rode for 2 hours!

When I asked Bert what his secret to long and healthy life was,
he said "Pretty women, good whiskey, and fast horses!"
He sure got that right with Bari.
I want to be able to ride in places like this when I'm 101...

Bari and he have been married more than 25 years, and she does an amazing job of taking care of him, ensuring his opportunity to ride.  They are both my heroes!

Here's a photo of Bari on the cover of the Mule Magazine, 1999.
She won the costume prize 9 years in a row!
My idol.  I wonder if she'll help me fix a costume for my Zorse?
Bert had several sips of "Toddy" (VO) on the trail.
A touch for the heart...
The smile says it all.
Live a good life, and life will be good to you.