Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maggie Speaks: Didn't make the cut. PCT, here we come!

Hi Everybody!  It's me, Maggie!

Sorry it's been so long, but I've been all over the place!  After the audition, we came back to our comfy stall at Eaton Canyon Stables, and have been training a lot on the Henninger trail.  We've also been to Hollywood to do some Equine Yoga, and took a great 4 day pack trip to Sespe Hot Springs.  Midnight went to a nightclub in Denver and Chance's friend Deke rode him up to the stage inside.

Training in Eaton Canyon, near Pasadena, CA

This is the waterfall in Eaton Canyon.
It's a good place to cool down.

On the trail to the Hot Springs.  California is beautiful.

Little cabin people can stay in at Willetts Hot Spring, on the way to Sespe Hot Spring.

This is my new pose.  I am good at this.

Finally, we got the word that we were not selected for the TV show, America's Favorite Trail Horse.  We immediately began to train for the Pacific Crest Trail when we learned that we would be free.  We like being free....
Our new friend, Chance.

Our new friend Chance is coming with us on the PCT.  I'm really happy about that, because he is so nice to us, and helps Trish out a lot.  They are busy shopping for all their supplies right now, and we are getting lots of tasty food.  We are planning to start the Pacific Crest Trail on Tuesday, May 10th.  Our good friends Donna and Paul will be driving us down to the trailhead near Campo, which is not far from Mexico.  We are planning to spend the whole summer and fall on the trail, and hope to make it all the way to Canada by October.  That's a lot though - 2700 miles, and if we don't make it before it starts getting too cold, we will finish it next next year.  When we get all done with the PCT, we will continue our quest to ride 200 miles of trails in every state.
At the trailhead for Sespe Wilderness

We hope you will check the blog often and stay in touch as we travel along.  If any of you want to help us out, we sure could use supplies along the way....especially horse feed....

This is called a century plant, because it only blooms once in a hundred years.
I don't know if that is true or not.  We see a lot of these.
The plant dies after it blooms.  That spike in the middle gets really tall.

We'll be keeping you updated here, and on Facebook.  We don't know how often we'll be able to get internet connections, but Trish said she would take good notes and write down everything I want to tell you along the way, so that we won't forget anything and can update our story.

This is at the boiling hot Sespe Hot Springs.
I did not want to get too close to the hot water.

Thanks for coming to visit - hope you will stay in touch!

Everyone's Favorite Trail Horse

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