Friday, April 1, 2011

Training for "America's Favorite Trailhorse" Reality TV show

Ready to ride in Eaton Canyon

Here we are, in Altadena, near Pasadena, CA.  The horses are at a wonderful stable - the Eaton Dam Stables.  Sharon is one of the owners and has really made us feel at home.  We are training every day for our audition on April 9 for a reality show competition to be held in Texas.  The American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA) is sponsoring the show, and auditions are being held all over the US this month for "America's Favorite Trail Horse".  Maggie and I signed up to audition at Monty Roberts ranch near Solvang.  Here's a link to the website if you're interested in more information about the show and the auditions:

I am staying with my wonderful friends Paul and Donna, who live in the Pasadena area, near the stable.  I have a comfortable room in their home, and access to everything I need to prepare for our big audition next weekend.

Paul and Donna's house, and my new friend Gina

We have met a lot of really nice people on the trails where we ride,  and have done some great rides with a few.  Here are some photos of some of the folks that have been riding with us.

Paul and Donna are ready to go on Magic and Midnight.
They are my gracious hosts in the area.
But they are also good riders!
We went all the way to the top of the mountain.

This is Diablo, a beautiful Azteca stallion owned by Marco.
Marco, doing his rearing trick with Diablo.
I wonder if I can teach Maggie to do this?

My new friend Gina, who took some photos for me.
We rode up to a big waterfall, and Gina hiked the whole way up!
Thanks Gina!

Marco and his two daughters, Summer and Lexus .
(I hope I'm spelling her name right).
The Eaton Canyon waterfall is in the background.

Here is Erica, my new friend from the stable.
She is riding her spotty appy named "Pony".

Paul taking the saddle off...

Donna figures it out...

Maggie's new good luck jewelry.
She'll be wearing this for her audition on April 9th. 

Midnight surveys the situation.

It was a sweaty ride to the waterfall in Eaton Canyon.
Maggie eats those trails for breakfast!

See you later - stay tuned for news of the audition next Saturday!

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