Saturday, March 19, 2011

Venice Beach to Carlsbad

My Starbucks Office Mate
An attorney in Los Angeles

We worked together at our tiny table for hours.
Say what you will about Starbucks,
I think it's great they offer free WiFi!

After all my hours of work on this blog yesterday, I finally got on the road to Carlsbad.  

I was immediately stuck in stop and go LA traffic.

Uff Dah.  This is going to take awhile....

Wrong turn, and now I'm in line to enter Camp Pendelton.


Although there were armed (and good looking) guards
I was treated very kindly and allowed to pull a u-turn.

Another wrong turn 5 minutes later, and I'm at the Oceanside Harbor.
Beautiful boating community!
If Kristen wasn't waiting on me, I would have stopped at the yacht club here.
One day, I'd like to crew on a sailboat like this...

Sailboats and Palm Trees.  Nice lifestyle....

Back in traffic - almost there..
I think I prefer the wilderness route.

The beach route.  I am so curious, but can't do it today.
Perhaps another time...and look!  Camping!

Legoland Headquarters

I'd like to go here and see the Museum of Making Music....

Arrival at Kristen's house in Carlsbad

My beautiful friend comes out to greet me with a big smile.

Looking good as always!

My luxurious bed in Kristen's guest room.
Sure beats sleeping in the back of the truck...

Kristen's beautiful daughter Jessie and her buddy.
Oh, to be 15 again!

Excited and going out to a movie with friends!  How fun.

We love our friends!

Jessie in her private place.  Love the Cat!

Out on the town in Carlsbad.  Check out the bartender's green nails!
They match the Hypnotiq martinis she just made for us.  Yum.

My beautiful friend, Kristen.

Just look at that smile!  I love basking in it.

Nice lamp in a gift shop in Carlsbad Village

Party time in the Village

Mixing more drinks at a different place in the village.

Lemoncello martinis.  Drink Up!
Girls like this are everywhere in California.
Gorgeaus, smart, friendly.  Eat your hearts out guys!

Heading back to the car after drinks and dancing to a Hip Hop beat.
Nice alley, huh?

Ok, time to head out.  Planning to buy a wetsuit today for my surfing lessons coming up in a couple of weeks.  Should be back in the Anza by late afternoon.  Can't wait to see the herd again!

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