Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Warner Springs Rest Stop

I'm using the computer at the Warner Springs Lodge.  We have come 109 miles, and are stopped here for rest and resupply.  Clover is lame - but not too bad.  We're hoping he's just stiff, although he has numerous abrasions and sore spots.  Thin skinned city boy, but he really wants to be with the herd, so we're taking it slow and nursing him along.

There are several PCT hikers here at the lodge and it's been fun holing up with them at this cool historic lodge with the healing waters.  Even Kit Carson once lived here...

It's good to have rest and food and comfort for the horses, but we plan to head out tomorrow.  Depending on Clover's condition, we may have to stop down the road at the first water and set up a healing camp.

Our challenges are many, but I'm feeling like we're doing well overcoming most of them.  New gear from Dave at Mount Laguna has really helped.  New Rain Gear and a new Mountain Hardware tent have made us much more comfortable. 

Paul and Donna, my wonderful friends from Altadena, are arriving here shortly to spend the night and are bringing us horse feed and supplies so we will be good to go.  The kindness and support of wonderful people along the way is what makes all of this possible.

I am having trouble getting online to upload photos, but I am getting some awesome pics along the way. The desert blooms were fabulous after all the rain.  I've never seen anything like it!

Well, time for another soak in the healing waters.  Thanks to everyone who keeps in touch and I really appreciate all the supportive comments from everyone!  It means so much to know you are out there and care about us.

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  1. The wildflowers and the healing springs are there to lift your spirits and help you keep going. Hopefully Clover will be feeling better soon, too.

    Safe Journeys,
    Tijeras, NM