Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soak n surf

Ahhhh. Soak n surf is the name of the Internet at the pools in Warner Springs.we have decided to spend another night here. Clover is better but still a bit sore, and we are rearranging gear and enjoying the companyof our wonderful friends and the gracious hospitality of the crew taking such good care of us and our horses. We are sending another 50 pounds of gear back and I am so excited to be getting back on the trail with a simpler, downsized load. I know the horses will be thankful too.

Lighter weight and fewer objects means less hassle and less time gearing up each day.of course the obvious fact is that the horses have an easier time and can move faster and go further and stay healthier. We are getting lighter and loving it.

It's a transition though. At first you think you need a lot more than you do. As time goes by, you come to understand how little you really need, and what is important.

We have met all kinds of hikers. Malto is from Chicago, and got his nickname because his main food is maltodextrine. He only carries 12 pounds in his pack, and plans to complete theentire route in 100 days or less. Gonzo man!

Other hikers carry as much as 40 pounds and arrived here with blisters and painful knees. Just like us, feet (hooves) and skin need care and conditioning.

What a beautiful day. All of us relaxing by the pools, sittingthe shade of huge trees, eating the lovely snacks that Paul and Donna brought from Trader Joes. Later, it will be time for new Eponashoes. I replaced Maggies yesterday andlater today midnight and Magic have appointments with me. The metal shoes that Clover had new at the begining have already been replaced on the trail, and are holding well.

Later today we're planning a trip into Temecula for a few more supplies and a nice meal. Chance used toluve there so hesgoing to show us around.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful restorative place to spend some time. And how fun to meet all the PCT hikers, too. Are you serious when you say that Malto's main source of food is maltodextrine? From what I've read maltodextrine is food additive, basically a highly processed sweetener used in sodas and candy. Yuk! Sure hope he's eating more than just maltodextrine.

    Those Epona Shoes are very cool. How are they holding up on the PCT?