Thursday, July 19, 2012

EWAM Garden of 1000 Buddhas - post #111

A visit on my way home, to the beautiful garden of one thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana

Stupas are consecrated with sacred objects to offset negative energies in the world.

The mother of all buddhas

Lamas and volunteers observe a sun dog.
A full rainbow around the sun this day.

Buddhas awaiting placement in the sacred circle.

Buddhas at work.

One of a thousand Buddhas

Circle of sacred stupas

Horses are ready to go.  Akheil is dressed for the occasion.

This Lama didn't hesitate, even though I came uninvited during his lunch.

A ride around a thousand Buddhas...

Joyful Tibetan people in Montana

Wife and child of the Lama that dreamed of a thousand Buddhas in Montana

The Garden nears completion

Maggie and Moonlight (Om El Akheil) enjoy the view.

Om El Akheil proudly wears his talisman gift from his favorite Lama.

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