Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Riding in Portola Valley - Training with Dany

One of the many trails in Portola Valley
This one near Page Mill Pastures
Maggie finally takes the proper frame.
Dany Bert, riding Midnight.
Arastradero Open Space Trails:
My new favorite place to ride.
Ah.  There, she's got it.
Dany won this battle for collection.
Coming home after a good workout.
Everyone ends up friends.
Training is hard work with a big pay off.


  1. Very cool to see the difference in Midnight. Great photos. Beautiful landscape.

    1. Dom, thanks so much for your comment! You are among the very few who reads and takes a moment to let me know you're "out there". I soooooo appreciate that! I wish everyone who stopped by would say something, anything! It's a lot of work writing the blog and so rewarding when someone notices. I so appreciate you! Thanks. Trish