Monday, July 25, 2011

Quick Post and Update from Redding, CA

Whiskeytown Horse Camp near Redding, CA
What a day.  Zak is waiting for me back at camp (he decided to join the herd a couple of days ago), so I don't have much time.  I came to Redding, about 10 miles from where we're camped in "Whiskeytown" a National Park with a beautiful lake.

Maggie in Morro Bay 
Loving on Magic

My mission was to get the tires rotated and get a much needed mani/pedi, and a few other far less important tasks.  I bought my tires at Discount Tire in Fort Collins last November, and the purchase includes free checks and rotations.  It was time, so I called and the fellow told me to bring her right in.  I arrived 15 minutes later, and waited in line for 20 minutes.  I was supposed to be called when it was ready.  2.5 hours later, I went back to see what was taking so long.  The truck was ready finally, but they informed me they had broken a "stud" and that I would have to go get it fixed across town at a mechanic's place.  I called the mechanic and learned that they "might not" get the work done for a couple of hours.  Drat.  I dropped off the truck, and was able to pick it up only 90 minutes later.  No charge, the tire shop will fix what they broke, so that's cool.  But that takes up the rest of the day, so not much time for the blog.


Here's a few more photos to bring you up to date.  Next time, I'll be writing a blog about the awesome horse bed and breakfast you can visit in Point Reyes....

Zak the mountain man...

In summary, Zak joined me after a 3 day/2 night pack trip into the Point Reyes National Seashore with Cal, an artist from New York (Woodstock) that I met in Montana de Oro, just south of Morro Bay.
Midnight takes a nice roll after a long day in the trailer

Zak and I spent a night with the lovely Karin (rhymes with Marin) at her awesome spread on a hill overlooking Nicasio Reservoir, near Point Reyes.  I met several people on my return to the Bear Valley Parking lot after our pack trip.  Karin offered us a place to stay with the horses, and the next day, we enjoyed a spendid gallop together on the beach.

Running and Rolling - favorite activities for the boys

We left the coast and drove to Napa, where we were able to stay at Skyline Park, a horse friendly park in wine country.  We arrived at nearly dark, and left the next morning, but it looked like there would have been excellent wilderness trails to ride there, and the local park only charges $15 per night, so it's definitely a place I would come back to again.

Midnight on the run
Chow hounds
Sweet Horse Camp at Whiskeytown

Zak settles right in with the herd.

From Napa, we headed through Vacaville, where we stopped to stock up on horse feed.  The fellow there was most informative, and encouraged me to add probiotics to Om El Akhiel's (Moonlight's) rations.  He's slow to gain weight, and I'm willing to try anything, so I forked over another $50 and we'll see if it helps.  I also bought forage pellets, Safe Choice complete feed, and a few other needed items.

Down the road we went.  Stopped for fresh peaches, corn on the cob, honey, and olives at a roadside stand along the way.  Zak used Yelp and located the Whiskeytown National Park.  We found it to be a very lovely campground for the horses, and woke to warm sunshine and lots of grazing for the herd.

I'm heading back there now, and plan to head north again tomorrow.  I have an idea to stop north of Klamath Falls tomorrow night, and perhaps near Bend OR the next night.  Then it will be an easy day drive to Dayton, north of Walla Walla, for the Buck Brannaman clinic.

Whew.  Better run....

Equine Yoga at Montana de Oro south of Morro Bay

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