Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My kind of cat!
Wonderful friends DeAnn, Eric, and Dennette (hope I'm spelling that right).
Thanks so much for everything!
You guys rock.
We are back at Starbucks, looking on the internet and making phone calls.  We are about to head back to Norco, (Horsetown USA) to look at an Azteca/Arab (Andalusion cross) palomino mare.  This may be the one...
Awwww.  So cute!  New Thoroughbred baby at Dignitary Downs,
where we stopped to see if they had any leads for us.
So many adorable babies!  Chance would name this one "Cupcake".
Don't you just want to snuggle down with this baby in the hay?
This cool lady, Kate runs Dignitary Downs with her husband.
That's her lovely daughter.  They listened sympathetically to our story,
but had no appropriate horse for us.
It was fun to meet them anyway, and I love their setup.
Dogs, Horses, and a wonderful, classic racehorse breeding ranch, family run.
Reminds me of my Uncle Jake....
Chance had to have a photo by Eric's truck.
His favorite truck/engine.  It's a guy thing...
Denette and Kate's dog.  Isn't it cool?
I miss my dog Wiley.
Saying goodbye to Eric and Denette.
Thanks guys!
Met Jesus at the Cantina and went to look at his Azteca horse.
Were delighted to meet his partner Rebecca.  She is the daughter of a couple who rode the PCT 10 years ago.
We have their book with us, and have been reading it every night.
What a small world.
Magic at the porch of the playboy mansion.
Joanna, Chance's friend that gave us a ride to Hemet yesterday to rent a car.
Thanks girlfriend!
This nice fellow rented us a car.  No problems.
Enterprise refused us because we don't carry credit cards, only debit cards.
How weird is that?  Anyhow, thanks Matt!  Hertz for us!
Stopped here and got more gear and networked with nice horse people in Norco.
Fran, the friendly owner of the Thrifty Horse, my choice for best horse supply in Norco.
Fran went out of her way to help us and even threw in two T-shirts!
Thanks Fran!  I love your store!

Thrifty horse kitty.  Sleeps on only the best of Saddles...
Love this kitty.
Love this mustang, Jack.
Chance gets a lesson from a super nice guy, Bob.
Horsetrainer, Mustang Makeovers, and Farrier.
There are still a few good men out there...
I think Jack is awesome.
Mustang all the way...
Bob takes great care of his horses.
Great to meet you Bob!


  1. I think you might still want to come down to San Diego! Charlie would be the perfect horse for your ride! Our family will follow you either way! Best of luck on your journey!

  2. Hey Stevie!

    Thanks so much for your comment. I wish we could have seen your Charlie, but in the end Chance decided to quit the PCT, after an exhaustive search and too many dollars spent. I continue on alone now with my three horses. Hope you'll stick with me - more fun on the PCT to come!

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