Saturday, June 11, 2011

Name that horse Contest

It was proposed that I have a naming contest for the horse formerly known as Clover (and Akheil).  Some of my readers do not connect with the name Music, and I decided to give everyone a chance to submit a name, and then vote for your favorite.

Here's the plan - If you have an idea, submit it here under comments, or email direct to me at

By June 13, we will have a list of names, which I will post.  On June 15, the favorite name will be chosen.

Here's the winner's prize:  Whenever I am in your area, I will take you or anyone of your choosing, for a ride on the horse you named.  You can make it a short ride, a meet and greet, or an overnight pack trip with the herd in some awesome place.

C'mon - participate!  I need your help.

Moonlight has been submitted
Mumei (Japanese for anonymous) has been submitted
Clover is still an option
Music is still an option

Any ideas?  Consider that the name needs to be one that is easily pronounced and doesn't have too many syllables.  Personally, I'd like to have one that starts with M, but I am willing to consider others..


  1. I think this horse should be named

    Name meaning- a magic power or magic spell

  2. I vote for Music. I think it goes well with the other names. plus you were learning to play the guitar so it has some meaning. However, Mojave, is also fitting.

  3. I like the name Music, too.

    But these names may work well for your handsome steed :)

    Makai - Which means 'Towards the Sea" in Hawaiian. This reminds me of your galloping ride along the seashore not long ago.

    Mohan - Which means 'Charming' in Hindu. Seems fitting :)

    Maestro - Which means a northwesterly wind in fine weather blowing in the Adriatic. It's also a title of extreme respect given to a master musician....seems appropriate on both accounts.


  4. Lisa, Jess, and Lisa! I loved all these names - thanks for your thoughtful submissions! It was a tough call, but in the end, Moonlight seemed the best fit.