Sunday, February 20, 2011

A trip to Placerville

Toby and McGregor
I was invited to Sharon Evans' place in Placerville this week.  I met Sharon on an Equestrian website that I use to connect with horse people in areas I'm headed.  Sharon has been an animal trainer for the movie industry for more than 40 years, and was a wonderful hostess to me.  She told me interesting stories from her years working on films, TV shows, and commercials.  It was fun to see the photos from Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie, the Ewok movie, Petticoat Junction, Lassie, and many more.  Her personal dogs were willing to perform several tricks while I was there.

It was cold and snowy outside, so we chose not to ride at this meeting, but hope to hook up with her again when I come back through in warmer weather.

Whatever you want, we'll do it.
I'm planning to load the horses and head south to warmer weather today, Sunday.  I'm going all the way to the San Diego area.  I have a number of old friends and new there and lots of plans to ride.  I've been so laid up with this pain, and it's still not right.  I'm going to continue to search for answers and keep up the good practices I've discovered so far.  One day I'll discover the key and heal this thing that's holding me back.  Meantime, I must get back on the road and ride!

High Five from Toby
Might be a few days until I find internet access again.  The truck is all packed, I have a new camera in hand (a Nikon D7000), and I'm ready for action.  

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  1. Please keep us updated with any information regarding the "America's Favorite Trailhorse" competition.
    I was thinking I personally would love to know the various sites you visit and use. There is a way to post them along the side with the blog history etc. Unfortunately at this point in my life, (and maybe others are in the same spot), I must live my dreams/love through the eyes of others. I appreciate you letting me be a part of your adventure. I've dreamed it would be the trip of a lifetime since I was a young girl, and it opens my eyes to the reality it isn't always as easy/fun as one would think.

    Good luck and I hope you get a good stint of travel done now, with as little pain as possible. I'm so thrilled you are meeting and re-meeting old and new friends with the same loves of the heart.