Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On the American River at 11:11 on 1/11/11

Maggie on the banks of the American River.
Sacramento, CA 1/1/11 at 11:11
The Fun Starts Here!
"It's about time we get this party started!"

These are photos from the official start of my 10,000 mile journey.  It was a beautiful place to ride.  Patty came along on her bike to take photos, and I think she did a great job.  See what you think...

By the American River

At the trailhead for the trail.
Jedediah Smith Recreation Trail
Maggie on the Bridge over the American
Picture this when you think of me.
Happy Days
Bike ride and Mags gets a rest.
Great Trail for long trotting.
Cooling off in the American
Yee Haw!
Horse laughs!
Future Equestrians

Max gets a lesson.
He really got it.  Good student, good listener.
Maggie is such a good teacher.
How cute is this boy?

Patty, the photographer.


  1. Hi Trish,
    All the Pics are looking good hope you make through your journey without much trouble .Wishing you all the very best .
    Reena (the girl from Indian Grocery store in Sacramento)

  2. Reena! How wonderful to hear from you! Thanks I'm glad you liked them! And thanks for your good thoughts for our travels. I hope you'll stay in touch so I can let you know when I need a shipment of spices! I plan to do some kick butt cooking whenever I'm a guest at someone's home, and we'll need a good supplier of Indian Spices...

    I made the paneer with the butter chicken sauce and it was fabulous. That was last week. I actually made it twice because the first time I didn't saute the cheese (paneer) in olive oil/butter before adding it to the spice sauce. I thought it was MUCH BETTER with a little browning first. Yummy in both cases though. I also made it with chicken prior to that, and it was fab then too.

    I also made the egg curry, but didn't like it so well. However I did not add butter or cream as the instructions said not to. I think it might be tasting better with the butter and cream, but at the moment I'm on a juice fast (4th day!) and won't be cooking for awhile. Plus, after the juice fast I will gradually add raw foods, and plan to stick with that for awhile. I used to be 100% raw and loved what it did for my body, mind, and spirit, so I'm going to try it again for my health. I'll probably always come back to delicious cooked Indian food from time to time however. I just love it so much!!!!

    Thanks again for writing, and thanks so much for having such a nice selection of choices on your shelves for us. Plus you have a darling personality so it makes shopping at your store AWESOME. You should post your address here in case people want to buy from you online. Once they taste the food I'm making with your ingredients, you might have an onslaught of orders from afar! Do you have an online catalog yet? Anyhow, just a thought...

    Blessings to you and hope that you'll check back and comment often!