Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Format for Blog

Hi Everyone.  I have decided to change the format for my blog.  I am not satisfied with the format of this medium to provide the intimate, personal stories I want to share about my life.  The anonymous nature of this site allows for people to hide their identities, and thus provides a venue for haughty behavior and rude commenting.  I have deleted the comments that I think are inappropriate, but they keep coming.

So instead of lying naked on the beach of the blogger site, I will be writing my blogs in a private format from now on.  If you, my dear readers, would like to continue to hear my stories as I ride 200 miles in every state over the next three years, then please send me a note to my email address:

I will add you to my email list, and when I write an update, you will get a personal email from me.  I think by doing my blog this way, I will have a more transparent site, more control over who reads me, and more accountability for people who want to give me feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

May Peace and Happiness Flow to all of you!


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