Sunday, October 17, 2010

Zurich Switzerland

Hello from Europe.  Zak (my youngest son) and I arrived in Zurich on October 14.  After several wonderful days in this very well organized, wealthy, fashion hub, we are finally over our jet lag.  Zak says the girls here are incredibly beautiful, and I have even noticed myself that we are seeing a lot of well dressed super model types from many countries just walking down the street.  It is fun to watch them give Zak those sidelong glances when he is not looking.

The weather has been rainy and overcast since our arrival, so we are hoping that one day the clouds will clear and we will see those fantastic snow covered Alps in the distance.  In the meantime, we have strolled through vineyards and sampled the wine in the local Gasthaus.  We have dined aboard a boat on Lake Zurich, and smelled the roses in the Monks garden in Rapperswil at the top of the Lake.

We spent time today in Zurich, strolling along the fancy street where stores like Prada, Cartier, and Jimmy Choo rival Madison Avenue.  We sampled dessert at Sprungli chocolatier, and lovely coffee there.  The city is really an old style Europe with turreted steeples (I counted 18), old churches, and cobblestoned streets lined with artful shops and incredible fashion.  We took photos I will have to download later

Of course all the time Im thinking about the horses back in Colorado.  Are they getting fat?  Do they miss me as much as I miss them?  Will they be ready to go when I return?

People here tell me I should not go to South America, but ride the perimeter of the United States, even telling me that they think this will be more interesting to read about.  I wonder what your opinions are, dear readers?

Which would you prefer to hear about?

We are renting a car and driving to Spain.  I want to attend the Spanish Riding School in Andalusia, if only for a day.  Enroute we will tour the French Riviera and check to see if we might encounter the wild horses of the Camarague. 

I will post again when I can.  Until then, let me hear from you.



  1. Riding the perimeter of the U.S. gets my vote! I've never heard of anyone doing that. Watch out for rattlers, though, and gators. But at least you wouldn't be exposed to the drug violence in Mexico, etc. Central America is being ravaged by drug violence, and it's so bad that the police and media in many areas have given up.

  2. Go for Broke and go to central america. Riding around the US is like watching re-runs of superman. You like to watch but there is no true excitment. You have given up a lot for this dream, don't let anyone take it from you and settle for less!

  3. I agree Trish. It is your dream, follow it. too many times, people have us do what is safe, and we miss the true adventure in life.

  4. Hi Trish! I TOTALLY think you should ride the perimeter of the US! You wouldn't have to worry about travel permits, visas, a second language, drug cartels or snakes, for the most part. AND when you ride through somewhere like, say, northern MN (or ND), who knows - maybe an old pal would come and find you and share weinie roast over your campfire - and perhaps a cold beer!!!!!

  5. Hi trish. Read your blogs from the last trip.....would those make a book worth reading? Why going around the US be any diffrent. Oh you can blog about your old pal and the weinie roast, or you can blog about true adventure.

  6. Trish , there are so many reasons one could give you to stay out of Mexico right now . But you already know what's goingon there . It really isn't important what we all think . It's you and your sons that should be deciding .If anything did happen to you it is they who will suffer greivously . What ever you decide it will still be interesting read for all of us busy doing dishes , changing diapers or stuck behind a desk all day . Oh then there is always Canada too . A summer trek on horseback through the Alberta Rockies couldn't be all bad either : )