Saturday, October 2, 2010

Maggie on the Mend!

Good news.  Maggie has flourished on the green pastures in Bellvue, on the lovely acres belonging to my friends Sally and Dick Brewster.  I call it the Magic Pasture because it's so special.  Maggie has bonded with the two beautiful quarter horse geldings and in just a few days has gained back the weight she lost on the trail, her coat is shiny, and she has her prance back!

Zak and I went for a ride last night at dusk, and she and Midnight were obviously feeling great.  At one point, Zak took off at a gallop, with me following on Midnight.  She always wins any races and last night was no exception.  However, I had an experience I'd never had before....

Midnight was doing his best to canter along, trying to catch Maggie way in front, when suddenly, something spooked him and he took off like he'd been shot from a cannon!  I was a little shocked at first, and a bit frightened because I had no idea he could go that fast, but I kept my seat and enjoyed the ride!  I felt like I was on Secretariat!  He was moving so fast, I couldn't hear the individual hoofbeats - it was just a blur...Wow.  What an adrenaline rush.

Of course when he realized the tiger wasn't on his heels, he dropped back to his usual canter, but he had almost caught up to Maggie in the meantime.  Too bad I can't find a way to get that speed out of him when I want it.  It was a real thrill!

Got our tickets to Zurich yesterday - Zak and I will be leaving on October 13, returning on Nov 24.  Maggie and the boys will be staying in Bellvue on that beautiful grass pasture, relaxing and restoring in preparation for my departure on my return to Colorado.

I will continue to blog my adventures when in Europe - so stay tuned!

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