Friday, August 27, 2010

Back on the trail again...

Hi Folks!

Well, I'm still in the Salida area, staying with my friend Sue Applegate at Granite Mountain Outfitters, just outside of Poncha Springs, near Poncha Pass.  Sue has been so wonderful to me!  She picked me up from the trail several days ago, and allowed me to put the three horses on her rich pasture to rest and restore.  Maggie was especially thin, and is looking a lot better now, so we're feeling like it's time to get back on the trail and head for Denver.

The trails we've been on have been really hard on hooves and shoes.  Super rocky, with sharp rocks almost everywhere.  Thankfully, the Eponashoes have been awesome!  Not one horse with any kind of lameness issues.  I have had to replace a few shoes though, and I'm so thankful to Monique and John, the owners/inventors of Eponashoe.  They taught me well, and supplied me with all the shoes I need to continue my journey.  Those shoes are so amazing - I can actually feel the difference when I put new ones on - it's like a new pair of running shoes!  Anyhow, I'm having a few more shoes shipped ahead to Twin Lakes, in case I need them enroute.

Wiley is enjoying the days at Granite Mountain Outfitters - laying around a lot, and visiting Don, who lives close by Sue.  One day he decided to just pop over when I was working with the horses.  He followed some visitors over to Don's and went on inside, laid down in the middle of the kitchen and just made himself at home like he'd always lived there.  He loves everyone, and just assumes they love him too.  I guess we could all learn a lot from Wiley.

It's been a busy week for Sue and her business.  During just the few days I've been here, I watched a barn built from scratch to completion by the awesome Amish men (they were all relatives).  The six of them worked so smoothly - all day long for 3 days, and by the end, Sue had a beautiful pole barn completed!  Amazing. 

Another project was her overhead entrance sign.  Hans, a craftsman who has worked extensively for Gander Mountain, completed a beautiful log entrance over Sue's driveway into the ranch.  Another incredible project to watch completed.  Ed, the crane operator was incredibly competant, and friendly and personable besides.  He was a smooth operator....

Last night we celebrated by a trip with friends (there were 8 of us) to a newly constructed Old West town called "Cowtown".  We hopped in Don and Audrey's cool motorcoach and arrived at the remote entrance about 90 minutes later - passing the Great Sand Dunes National Park on the way. 

The place was fascinating.  The owner had a dream, and made it a reality by constructing an authentic old town, complete with Livery Stables, General Store, Church, "Social Club" (the hotel), and a wonderful restaurant.  There was also a greenhouse, a number of houses, and several other buildings, connected by the old fashioned boardwalks and several relics to admire, including a display of antiques.  We loved our dining experience, and I personally hope to get back there again one day.  Very cool trip back in time. 

Well, time to close for now.  I expect to be in Denver in 2-3 weeks, and will post again when I can.  Thanks again for following the blog, and I look forward to seeing many of you in the near future!

Trish Wild
The Equine Nomad

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