Thursday, July 22, 2010

A better way to follow a blog....

Greetings to you on my last day at work. Well, at least for awhile. I plan to work a few shifts between burning man and the telluride blues fest in September, but I also plan to give public talks to schools and so forth so I won't have much time for work.

My good friend and work mate Jessica Apostle (super nurse) showed me a way for you to get notifications automatic thru Google. Here's how:

on the google toolbar, select "more". From the top right, select "reader", and then click on "create account". Then click on "add subscription" and type in my blog address, which is :

you can follow multiple blogs this way, and then you will be notified whenever there is a new post! You will need a gmail free account to do this I think.

Alright! Couple hours to go, and then I'm off on my trip to conundrum!

Hasta la vista baby!


  1. Thinking of you Trish & wishing you well on your adventures of a lifetime!! I go back to teaching in Aug. and think following your blog would be a great activity! Sheri Berube

  2. Hey Sheri! Great to hear from you! I would love for your classroom to follow us on our journey. If it works for you, I could come up to your classroom with a presentation (a powerpoint about "heroes" and following your dreams) and bring the horses and Wiley for a meet and greet. It's what I'm planning for schools when I get back from the Colorado trail and the "Burning Man". Late Sept. or early October would work best for me. Let me know, and welcome aboard!

  3. HI Trish! Where are you now? I miss your face in the ER but wish I were with you riding in the mountains.
    I think of you sleeping under the stars with Maggie, Magic and Midnight. What a great adventure. See you when your done with the Colorado Trail.
    Love always, Gwen